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LMI has entered the chat.....

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

LMI (LANGSTON MASINGALE INDUSTRIES) started out of necessity. The current state of affairs in the audio technology world is a rapidly growing and highly competitive market. Despite growing areas of innovation, one major issue can bring all of this to a crashing halt: the supply chain.

Recognizing that due to current global changes, many companies could not maintain, fulfill or provide enough inventory to meet constant demands, it was evident that a new offering for crucial components was necessary. Enter LMI.

My goal was to offer affordable, consistent and sonically exceptional transformers for tube microphones, microphone preamps, compressors and DI boxes. My technology journey has in all ways led me to create an electronics supply company, with a focus on manufacturing high quality affordable transformers and adapter pcbs that would make them compatible with many available platforms. I will continue to post further blogs but let this be a short and sweet introduction to many amazing offerings to come! Additionally, this platform is also going to be host to the Respond React newsletter, so stay tuned because we have an amazing interview coming up with a great guest!

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