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Parallel Lines

PRIME - Analog to Analog Converter

The PRIME has its roots in the early days of analog to digital and digital to analog conversion.

Using 2 custom LMI10 transformers per channel, the PRIME delivers gorgeous-sounding results in a cold, digital world. It literally puts the analog back into the audio and thus improves your converter's performance. Rather than upgrading your converters, try PRIME. 

The LMI PRIME is a passive "analog-to-analog converter."

Feature-rich, capable of articulate and expansive sonics, PRIME sails into new waters and approaches for ADC and DAC solutions.

The ultimate audio fixer, this dual space 500 series device implements large-core LMI10 transformers in a special circuit designed to incur musical harmonic characteristics, targeting lows, mids and highs as distinct regions of the audio band.

Each channel utilizes 2 extremely heft transformers wired in a special split series/parallel circuit. This allows for parallel signal paths and cross-manipulation of circuit behavior using IMD (Iterative Modeling Design by LMI). PRIME can therefore produce tones that are reminiscent of old-school recording consoles, esoteric microphone preamps, exotic line stages, and so on.

PRIME begins with G.auss which is split into 2 sections, Low and High. Ga.uss divides the global range of behaviors into Low and Mids/High frequencies. This control facilitates how much each of those regions is impacted by the remaining controls the user selects.

PRIME features the gorgeous sounding S.rn (Saturation), E.xp (Exponent) and P.lot (Plot) circuits. Saturation is divided into 3 sections - the master control, the high frequency section labeled (Log/Lin) and the low-frequency section labeled (Rat/Irt).

Additionally, E.xp acts as a low midrange contour that can offer curtailed midrange response (much like a multiband compressor) or an explosive gorgeous midrange behavior that presents an expanded dimension of clarity and activity.

PRIME features a Dynamic section labeled D.yn which can function as a gentle dynamic modifier across the broadband or be set to limit audio using a gorgeous sounding clipper circuit

Because PRIME is capable of both near zero insertion loss or can be set to lower the output before conversion, it is both the ultimate high-fidelity solution to recording to digital or for processing/mixing/mastering a pre-recorded piece of music.
PRIME also features a hardware bypass that can be useful to those users who do not utilize patch bays or do not wish to physically interrupt their cabling.

PRIME is dual mono and each channel is independent.

All controls are via push button and this offers the end user a fast, easily recallable platform for manipulating audio before or after conversion or both.

PRIME features the use of Langston Masingale's EDAC adapter card technology, which offers the user a simplified and easy installation process for a 500 series module. The EDAC adapter connects to a long ribbon cable, the card is then installed into the EDAC slot in the 500 series module, the other end of the ribbon cable then can be attached to the rear socket on the PRIME module. 2 cards and ribbon cables are supplied with PRIME.


PRIME Quickstart Guide

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